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The team at oreayu.com has over 10 years of experience sourcing yoga, Health, beauty, handicraft, handloom and natural products from India & The USA, Home Decor, Personal Care & Gifting brands in the East. We deeply understand the creativity involved & the  sourcing needs on the demand side and the opportunities & limitations on the supply side.

We also believe in ending the plastic generation, reviving traditional handicrafts & naturopathy, helping marginalized artisans connect with modern trends & digital economies, help designers & eCommerce startups source quality hand-made products, and in the process make the World a better place!

Our buyers are fashion, textile, jewelry & interior designers, e-commerce entrepreneurs & brands, or anyone who is interested in natural & handmade products.


  • A wide range of Health ,yoga and Beauty products from AVSI categories in a single state-of-the-art marketplace
  • Removes the middlemen & allows buyer to buy & interact with artisan sellers directly Buyer can visit a seller store & buy an item from Seller’s current listings on retail pricing, and/or order in bulk on wholesale pricing right from the seller’s listing, and/or specify & negotiate a customized order
  • An assigned account manager acts as a mediator between buyer & seller on all Custom Orders and ensures confidentiality, timelines & quality as per buyer’s specification before shipping
  • Localized Fulfillment Centers provide fast international deliveries 
  • Buyers are also offered bulk discounts & money back guarantees if quality and/or order processing timelines are not met


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