Organic Handmade Bhringraj Powder | Eclipta alba for Hair , 100g

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  • Herb for Hair: Bhringaraj is an Ayurvedic herb found throughout India, is botanically known as Eclipta alba. Bhringaraj is considered a rasayana for hair or a substance that rejuvenates. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to enhance hair Quality
  • GOOD FOR HAIR HEALTH : Regular application of the Bhringraj powder results in increasing hair Quality and bestowing the user with thicker, stronger and lustrous hair.
  • Hair Damage: Bhringraj’s natural composition helps address hair issues like dandruff and lice.
  • USEFUL AGAINST SKIN AILMENTS : The powder has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and anti-oxidant properties. Hence it is effective against minor skin allergies, skin aging and other skin issues.


SOLD: 895
3-4 Days
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Bhringaraj, popularly known as ‘false daisy’ in English is a traditional wonder herb, that is hugely recommended for growing long, silky and strong hair. Clad by the vernacular names as karisalankani in Tamil, gunta galagaraaku in Telugu, kesuriya in Bengali, kannunni in Malayalam and bhangaro in Gujarati, this herb belongs to the sunflower family and is widely used all over the world for its immense benefits towards hair and overall health


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