OREAYU™ Foot Stretcher Strap | Calf Stretcher |Leg Stretching Strap Belt | Foot Exercise Equipment for Yoga

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OREAYU™ Foot Stretcher Strap | Calf Stretcher for Plantar Fasciitis | Ligament Stretching | Leg Stretching Strap Belt | Foot Exercise Equipment for Yoga | Hamstring Achilles Tendonitis | Leg Stretcher


SOLD: 59
3-4 Days
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About this item

STRENGTHENS JOINTS AND LEG MUSCLES: Foot and Leg Stretcher is ideal for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, strained achilles tendons, shin splints, or anyone looking for an excellent calf, ankle, hamstring stretcher and leg stretcher strap. This can be best designed foot stretcher for dancers, choreographers and for gymnastics

MAKES STRETCHING EASIER: Unique Patented design of foot and calf stretcher with 6 Hand Loops provide different stretching levels, an easy grip when exercising. Expertly crafted using Premium Neoprene, this achilles stretcher for leg and calf stretch strap will serve you well throughout the years.

CLINICALLY RESEARCHED: RECOMMENDED BY THERAPISTS: Regular use of the plantar fasciitis stretcher and hip stretcher reduce leg pain and increase strength. It lubricates your joints, increases strength, and promotes overall physical fitness. Improves stability, foot mobility, and supports rehabilitation.

SUPPORT REHABILITATION: Tired of waking up with tense, sore muscles; looks like it’s time to stretch. Magnificent Design and Nylon toe stretcher & leg stretching strap, will make a great gift for individuals who have pain in calf, thigh, an injury or who enjoy training and working out.

BEST WAYS TO PREVENT INJURIES: This ankle stretcher and heel stretcher straps helps you improve your posture, reduce body aches, strengthening muscles, increase balance, relieve pain and discomfort of the Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis by improving flexibility


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